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Preventive Maintenance: Our own fully accredited engineers can carry out preventative maintenance on a wide range of equipment including AEI, ATL, Ferranti, Fuller, GEC, utilising our own high quality compatible components. Also included are National Grid "TDC" modifications. We believe that we are the ONLY independent UK company to check contact pressures by computerised load cell analysis on site and in situ. 

On Site Rebuilds & Repairs: Subject to the degree of failure, our own engineers can repair failed units on site, otherwise remove from site and refurbish in our own fully equipped workshops in Essex.

Factory Rebuilds: Full product rebuilds can be carried out in our extensively equipped workshops in Essex.

Retrofits: When it is no longer economical to repair a failed unit, we can design an adaptor throat and supply a suitable replacement tapchanger, fit and commission the replacement unit.

Oil Filtration: Fully programmable On Load oil filtration units available either supply only or supply and fit

Transformers: Cooler bank replacements (Radiators, Fans, Pumps) for ONAN, OFAF, ONAF, OFAN applications, Cable Box repairs, replacements and refurbishments, control cabinet design and manufacture.


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