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Compatible spares suitable for the ATL/Fuller range of tapchangers, the parts listed below are just a small selection from our massive inventory holding. Call our sales team for more information and availability.

Part Number OEM Part Number Description
300-905-A or B Various Type AT Fixed Contact Set
300-228-A & 300-008-A Various Type AT Scissor Arm Assembly
300-091-A & 300-091-B 561281 Type AT Main Moving Contact
900-001-1 & -5 Various Type AT Cover Gasket (all types)
300-909 Various Diverter & Selector Contact Sets (All types)
300-914 Various Type HS Bushings
300-915 Various EH Diverter Contacts
300-915 Various H Diverter Contacts
300-915 Various HD Diverter Contacts
300-917 Various FBA Contacts
300-908 Various ASD Contacts
300-909 Various AMD Contacts
    SD Contacts
See 300-906 & 300-907 Various F Contacts

Typical parts include fixed and moving contacts, springs, flexible connections, phase boards, insulation, and resistors. We can also carry out preventive maintenance, selector, mechanism and diverter rebuilds and repairs, and full product rebuilds after catastrophic failure.


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